Child Safety Protection

The National Enforcement Investigation Agency offers basic ID kits with a resource booklet for parents, as well as a fingerprint card with a photo and description of your child. Fingerprints are digitally captured by trained experts (no mess from ink and paper) and printed in the standard FBI format.

Premium kits add digital files, including the photo and fingerprints, uploaded onto a CD for easy storage and emailing when time is critical.

Why Are Child IDs So Important?

The use of biometrics – specifically fingerprints – is a mainstay for law enforcement officials today. The more advanced the technology has become, the more successful they are in finding matches and locating children who are then reunited with their parents.

In many cases, missing children are either runaways or abducted by family members or relatives. In both scenarios, they are often forced into criminal activities where they leave their fingerprints behind. Children are also reported missing after natural disasters where families are separated and placed in different shelters. Having your child’s fingerprints, photo and other details available for uploading into police and emergency databases increases the likelihood they can be identified and returned.

Maintaining an updated Child ID is an easy and effective way for families to have crucial information needed by authorities in the case of an emergency.